The Curtis Palmer Program is based on the NHS 5 steps to better mental health wellbeing, so our courses are designed around these 5 steps

1.Connecting with other people, not just by social media.

2.Being physically active (Our expeditions and outward bounds activities).

3.Learn New Skills. (OU Courses and outward bounds activities).

4.Give to others (Helping supporting other service users through the process).

5.Paying attention to the present (Mindfulness).

Thanks to sponsorship from the Blue Light Card Foundation Blue Light Card Foundation – Giving back to those who give most every 3 months we run a 10 day online breathing and cold water immersion course with The Breath connection The Power of Breathwork | The Breath Connection | United Kingdom . The course is designed to help with stress, PTSD, anxiety, CPTSD, depression and general mental health wellbeing. Feedback from service users has included;

“I’ve tried a multitude of self help activities for PTSD. Yoga, walking in nature & mindfulness. I now have another self help tool that is right at the top of my box! The breath work was powerful with unexpected effects. After the 10 day course I feel calmer but best of all I feel alive – a feeling that I haven’t had for years. I have never enjoyed cold water but I now have a barrel in my garden for my daily cold water immersion. Sam & Miranda are two very lovely & special people who were always there to help us along our 10 day journey.  The support & connectivity of the group was also powerful and healing. Sam & Miranda quite literally create breath magic from evidence based science. I am so grateful to the Curtis Palmer Program and to Sam and Miranda for this wonderful opportunity – thank you.”

“With grateful thanks to The Curtis Palmer Programme I have just completed the 10 day dynamic Breathwork and cold water immersion programme, hosted my Miranda and Sam (not forgetting Sam’s wicked sense of humour) from The Breath Connection. It’s been utterly life changing. Somewhat challenging when that alarm went off each morning at 6am but as soon as Miranda and Sam started to talk us through our breathing sessions, I was wide awake, engaged and loved every second! And who knew we could all hold our breath for so long! At the end of every session, Miranda talked us beautifully through a slow breathing meditation session, which I never wanted to end!! And the cold showers after, fabulous and invigorating for the rest of the day! I was also lucky enough to share this experience with a wonderful caring group of ladies, from the military wives and police, and I think a special bond and feeling was shared between us all together with some very personal and touching moments. This course has given SO much, in managing my anxieties, mental health and pain. I will be eternally grateful and never forget this time we have all spent together. Thank you all again, and I will be signing up for more courses.”

” What a wonderful legacy Curtis has left. To be able to learn a new life changing, life enhancing technique has been truly amazing. Through this opportunity I’ve managed to connect with some inspirational people. Sharing in this experience has enabled me to understand where my stress lies. How through the practice of Dynamic breathing I have learned how to    feel the power of my own breath as a tool for my own wellbeing. Miranda and Sam were fantastic guides. They’re openness, honesty and integrity brought huge value to the experience. Being guided by them in a safe and protected environment allowed for non judgemental sharing of emotions and reactions to the practice. They truly do inspire! Breathwork may seem odd, tree huggy or weird to the sceptical practical officers but from experience, I would argue that they would get the most benefit. All officers today need support and this programme has integrity and belief, which can enhance their working and daily lives. By taking part and after ten days of the most incredible experiences, I feel a different person. Calmer, stronger and determined to live a happier life with PTSD. Thank you Curtis, I didnt know you, but you have made an impact on my life that I will be eternally grateful for.”

All referrals to the program are signposted to free Open University courses to support return to work and ongoing investment. The service users are encouraged to enrol on any of the below courses that last for around 5 weeks and require 2 to 3 hours a week study with no exam at the end. Courses include,

Understanding Anxiety, Depression and CBT. Improve your understanding of depression and anxiety and find out more about an effective and evidence-based treatment: CBT. University of Reading.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance. Learn mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve your wellbeing and work/study performance in this online course. 4 weeks for 3 hours per week. Monash University.

Food and Mood: Improving Mental Health Through Diet and Nutrition.

Explore the relationship between nutrition and brain health, why it matters, and how to work towards positive food changes. Free 3 weeks 3 hours a week. Deakin University.

Emotional Intelligence at Work.

Explore how emotional intelligence helps us to understand ourselves and others, resolve conflict and build better relationships. Free 2 week course 3 hours per week. Coventry University.

Management and Leadership: Well-being and Welfare at Work.

Learn to support the development and well-being of the people you manage with this online course from The Open University and CMI. Free 4 weeks 3 hours per week.

Our outward bounds events usually start with a simple mountain walk or weekend at an activity centre and build up to learning to wild camp/canoe. We have annual expeditions abroad that we train towards. Service users that progress well through the program get the chance to be sponsored to attend and train as instructors to help on future courses so there is a real 360 approach. Those that sought help become those that give help to others as we know there is a healing process in that. At present we are sponsoring service users to train for their Mountain Leaders, 2 day NNAS Award (Bronze Award intro to map reading) and Lowland Leaders courses.


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